OTTY Aura Hybrid - Rejuvenated

OTTY's most affordable spring and foam mattress for even less as we are able to offer you a rejuvenated version, returned within the trial period, steam cleaned and with a new cover. Limited on stock due to the rare occasions we find customers not finding it to their liking it uses a combination of 70/30% springs to foam. Standing tall at 23cm in height it will fit any fitted sheet comfortably. The refreshed mattresses are not rolled and will arrive fully expanded. Refreshed mattresses come with 1 year warranty and there is a 30 day trial. Our offers online are not compatible with the refreshed models.


£224.99 £499.99



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1yr Guarantee

30 Night Trial

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Hybrid Mattresses - The Aura

What is Rejuvenated?

Rejuvenated is a process where we look to take new mattresses returned within the 100 night trial period, stream clean them and add new covers meaning they arrive as good as new. This also means we avoid sending unwanted items to landfill preferring to recycle wherever possible.

Why is it not boxed?

The process from manufacture requires specialist machinery to pack the mattresses rolled into the boxes. Once these have been unrolled they expand to their standard size and cannot be put back which is why they arrive fully expanded.

Do I Get A Mattress Trial?

Yes. We offer 30 nights for you to test if it is right for you. You can return the item free for a full refund within the trial period.