0% Finance Service

We know some of you would prefer to split your payments over 12 months, which is why we work with two of the UK’s finest finance providers to help you easily purchase the OTTY with 0% APR.

Working with DivideBuy and Splitit, you’re able to get all the benefits of the OTTY, including the 100-night trial and award-winning night’s sleep, without paying a penny more than you would if you paid up front.


DivideBuy is an interest-free credit provider. The company allows you to spread the cost on one or multiple qualifying items online by simply clicking the DivideBuy button at the checkout stage. You can choose instalment options from 3 to 12 months depending on the value of your purchase and the retailer.

How do I qualify?

As DivideBuy is a lender, it has control of whom it lends to, without the restrictions that brokers have. This means DivideBuy looks at your ability to pay now, rather than just your credit history. Because of this, DivideBuy have a 96%

How do I apply for payment via DivideBuy?

When you select the DivideBuy option at the checkout, you’ll be advised to complete an application. Your application will take just 60 seconds to complete and DivideBuy will provide an immediate decision allowing you to complete your purchase. Once approved, you electronically sign your agreement and the retailer will process your order.

How many months can I split my payment over?

You can select to split your payment over 3,6,9 and 12 months.

Do I pay a deposit?

Yes and no. Many people can pay a deposit or you can choose not to.

However, some people may be instructed that they must to pay a deposit. This is due to the credit decision, which is calculated based on several factors including your credit score, order total and credit term. A deposit is taken from the overall total to reduce the monthly instalment and make them a more manageable size.

Can I pay off my remaining balance early?

Yes, full or part payments can be made at any time online via the Customer Account Portal or by contacting the DivideBuy customer service team. You can choose to pay a specific monthly instalment or to reduce the remaining instalment amounts. There are no additional charges for early repayment.

Can I use a discount code with DivideBuy payment?

You sure can.

When will the first instalment be taken?

The first instalment will be taken at the point of purchase.

What if I need to change my delivery order?

DivideBuy will need to approve any deliveries to addresses other than the application address. Without their approval, we will not be able to ship to a different address. To have the goods delivered to another address, once you have placed the order, you need to contact DivideBuy directly (T: 0800 085 0885 E:customerservice@dividebuy.co.uk) and enquire about the address change for your order. Once approved, they will inform us of this and we can arrange delivery.

Split It

Splitit is a free service which involves no credit checks or applications and allows you to split your payments over a three to 12 month period.

Splitit authorises the total order value, so a card with sufficient amount is needed at the time of ordering, but this is not taken out of your account when you purchase.

How do I apply for payment via Splitit?

Once you select Splitit at the checkout and you’ve been approved, you’ll make your first payment instantly, while the remaining balance will be held on your card. You can still use your card for shopping, but the remaining balance will be deducted from your card’s available balance.

How many months can I split my payment over?

You can split your payment between three to 12 months.

Do I pay about a deposit?

No. With Splitit, you don’t pay a deposit and you'll only need to pay the first instalment at the time of placing your order.

Can I pay off my fees early?

Contact details can be found on the agreement paperwork otherwise, give us a shout and we can point you in the right direction. They can assist you with paying off the balance too and this can be done any time after the first instalment comes out.

Can I use a discount code with Splitit payment?

Yes, you can take advantage of any onsite offers or discount codes when using Splitit.

When will the first instalment be taken?

Your first instalment will be taken at the time of purchase.

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