The Benefits of Using an OTTY Hybrid Mattress

In order to understand the science of sleep, we invested a lot of resources into researching the most influential factors affecting sleep quality.

This led us to developing a unique range of hybrid mattresses - unlike any other in the market -

which address the three biggest factors affecting the quality of your sleep:

Overheating, spine & joint support, and comfort.

Tall Encapsulated Pocket Springs

Our mattresses use tall, supportive encapsulated pocket springs, which provide unrivaled support for your back and joints. Forget waking up in pain. An OTTY mattress allows you to wake up with a spring in your step every morning without fail.

Unique Cooling Airflow System

Foam is good at retaining heat. However, too much heat can affect the quality of your sleep. Our mattresses have special visible perforations to allow excess heat to escape and help regulate your body temperature, ensuring a cool, comfortable night's sleep.

Moisture-Wicking Bamboo & Charcoal

Our newest range of Pure products includes a unique formula of bamboo & charcoal-infused memory foam, which wicks away moisture, further helping to keep you cool while also maintaining the freshness of your bed thanks to its anti-microbial properties.

High Quality Viscoelastic Foam

Every OTTY mattress combines layers of springs with multiple layers of high-quality viscoelastic foam. These layers allow your body to sink into the mattress, responding immediately to your movements and ensuring you feel as comfortable as you are supported.

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10-Year Guarantee

A mattress should be a dream, not a nightmare. You can sleep easy on the OTTY, knowing that it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Premium Delivery

Order now and get the OTTY delivered by our courier team. We can even remove your old mattress for a small fee if needed.

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