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OTTY Deluxe Pure Bamboo Pillow

The Deluxe Pure Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow uses the same technology you’ll find in an OTTY Pure mattress. That means supportive memory foam to mould to your head and neck, and temperature regulating properties and airflow to keep you cool. You simply won’t have tried a pillow like it.

    The U.K's First Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow With Charcoal

    A Quick Guide To What's Inside

    • Naturally Breathable

    • Air-Flow Perforation

    • Hypoallergenic Memory Foam

    • Machine Washable Cover

    What's in our Pure Bamboo Pillow?

      Advantages of our Bamboo Pillow

      We have created The U.K.'s First Bamboo and Charcoal Pillow Which Has These Unique Features:

      A Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Core

      The heart of our pillow and the first bamboo memory foam pillow in the U.K. to be infused with charcoal. Both bamboo pillows and charcoal have antibacterial properties to keep things hygienic.

      A layer of viscose-from-bamboo padding

      The clever science bit allowing excess moisture to be wicked away and keep your temperature regulated. No more "hot head". It will also eliminate odours.

      Breathable, Machine Washable Cover

      Super soft hypoallergenic top layer which is naturally breathable allowing for full air-flow perforation.

      1 Year Warranty

      Our guarantee allows you to rest easy at night knowing you are covered in case of any issues. See T&Cs for full info.

      OTTY Hybrid Mattress

      The OTTY Deluxe Pure pillow is the perfect companion to our OTTY Hybrid Mattress. 

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