Double Hybrid Mattresses

Looking for a comfortable and affordable double mattress? Check out our wide selection of double mattresses and find the perfect fit for your bedroom! Our mattresses combine supportive springs and comfortable memory foam for the ultimate sleep experience. 

Our Double size hybrid mattresses measure 135x190cm (4ft 6ins) and are the perfect size for solo sleepers.

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OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress
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Firmness Rating



8/10 & 9/10*



Thicker Springs

Encapsulated Pocket Springs






Bamboo and Charcoal
Memory Foam Layer

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x 1

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x 2

x 2

Memory Foam Depth






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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to rotate my mattress?

Yes, you must rotate your mattress once a month for the first 12 months and then once every 3 months thereafter. See full termshere.

I have back / joint pain issues, which mattress would be best for me?

The OTTY Original and Pure models are our most accredited when it comes to back and joint support. We would recommend these to anyone struggling with sleep due to these issues.

I overheat often while sleeping, which mattress would be best for me?

Our hybrid mattresses have long encapsulated spring units inside them, which do not store heat in between them and provide improved airflow compared to memory foam mattresses.

Additionally, some of our mattresses have bamboo & charcoal infused memory foam which further improves temperature regulation by wicking away moisture and providing a cool, fresh sleeping surface.

Because of this, we would recommend the OTTY Pure if you like a medium firm mattress, or the OTTY Firm, if you prefer a firm mattress. 

How can I get rid of my old mattress?

We offer a service at checkout to have your old mattress collected and recycled, for a cost of £40. This will usually happen at the same time as your delivery.

You can also usually have it recycled by your local council. 

What base do I need for my mattress?

OTTY can be used with a variety of standard bed bases, such as divans, slatted frames, adjustable beds, or platform beds. We highly recommend slatted bases because they allow better airflow beneath the mattress.

However, we do not offer any guarantee using the mattress with steel bed frames and thin steel supports, as they may not offer the essential support needed for the mattress. This lack of support could potentially result in sagging over time.

See T&Cs for full terms.

How long will an OTTY mattress last?

With proper care, the OTTY mattress should last you more than 10 years.

We guarantee them for 10 years as we usually recommend changing mattresses around every 8-10 years due to hygiene reasons, and because of new improved technology in our mattresses being added.

Are OTTY mattresses suitable for children?

Yes. As we only make medium to firm mattresses, we normally recommend them for children over the age of 3, all the way through to adulthood! 

We also sell waterproof mattress protectors which can be useful for the younger users.

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