Mattress Delivery And Accessories Information

Delivery Information

  1. Standard Delivery Details

    a) For all mainland UK deliveries, we use a two-man courier service. We offer a host of different delivery service options, all of which will be delivered between 7am to 7pm. These services are:


  • Standard Delivery to front door only. Free 
  • Premium Delivery to room of choice. £10.00
  • Premium Delivery to room of choice and mattress unpacking and box removal. £20.00
  • Premium Delivery to room of choice and old mattress collection. £40.00
  • Premium Delivery to room of choice, mattress unpacking and box removal, and old mattress collection. £50.00

    b) Standard delivery to front door only includes delivery to the first door only. In a house, this will mean the delivery will be to your front door. In an apartment block, this will mean delivery to the apartment building front door, not your apartment door. For delivery to your apartment door, select Premium Delivery to room of choice.

    c) If Premium Delivery to room of choice option is selected, you need to state to the drivers which room of the house you’d like them to deliver the mattress to at the point of delivery, otherwise they may leave it in the hallway. 

    c) Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email from our couriers with a calendar booking system, where you can select your delivery date. The standard delivery time is 2-5 working days after the order is processed.

    d) Our couriers will provide you with an estimated delivery window, on the morning of the delivery. This is usually a 2 hour window and is an estimate only. They will do their best to adhere to all ETA's provided, but this can be affected by a number of factors outside of our control. The couriers will be in touch with you to keep you updated if there are any changes to your delivery.

    e) If you’re not able to make your selected delivery date, contact the couriers directly as soon as possible, so that they can re-schedule your delivery for another day. Failure to do so and a wasted courier journey may incur a redelivery charge of £30.

    f) If the driver cannot get to your area or cannot arrange the delivery on the time and date promised, it will be rescheduled for free. This also covers any times where the courier runs out of their accrued driving time, or is encountered with an event that prevents them from delivering your goods on the scheduled date.

    g) Our couriers are not permitted to take their shoes off on a delivery and have to wear steel toe capped shoes at all times due to health and safety regulation and do not use over-shoes as those can pose a safety hazard. If you have selected Room of Choice delivery and do not wish to risk getting any interior surfaces dirty, you will need to accept the delivery at your doorstep, and we can refund the cost of your Room of Choice delivery service.

    h) In the event that a delivery cannot be made on the scheduled day (either due to the fault of the couriers or an event outside OTTY’s control), the courier will do their best to keep you up-to-date and advise whether or not they are able to deliver the goods on the day. In case they cannot, we will reschedule your delivery for the next available day by default, unless advised otherwise by yourself.

    i) We will not be liable to cover any additional costs resulting from the delivery failure or be liable to pay compensation for the inconvenience. We will however do our best to reschedule for a day which is convenient for you.

    j) To ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery process, we kindly request your email address and a valid UK phone number. Our couriers will use your email to schedule a delivery date and time, and will require your confirmation via email of the suggested dates, in order to schedule your delivery. Additionally, they may need to call you on the delivery day to confirm your delivery window or address any delivery issues, for which a valid UK phone number is necessary. Please be advised that failure to provide either of these pieces of information may result in delivery delays or difficulties, that we cannot be responsible for.

    k) Our  mattress unpacking and box removal service is applicable to mattresses only. We will not unbox your bed frames or accessories or remove the packaging for those items, as the packaging is required for those items to be returned. The unboxing of the mattress includes removing the mattress from the box and placing it on your bed frame as well as removing the box. Please note that you will need to cut and dispose of the plastic wrapping of the mattress, yourself.

    l) We offer next day delivery to select post codes. If you are in a qualifying area, you will see the next day delivery at checkout, at a cost of £20. Please note that your order has to be placed by 11AM on a working day and delivery  will take place on the following working day. Orders placed after 11AM on Friday will be processed on Monday, for delivery on Tuesday (excl Bank Holidays).


  1. Old Mattress Collection

    a) We offer old mattress disposal, which can be selected at the point of checkout.

    b) The courier will arrange to collect the old mattress at the same time as delivering the new one. This cannot be arranged separately, unless a member of the OTTY customer service team confirms it on a one-off basis.

    c) The courier will be able to collect the old mattress from any room of the house, but the mattress needs to be off the bed for the couriers to collect it and they will not be able to take it from the bed frame (unless in exceptional circumstances). The courier will bring a special plastic bag to collect your old mattress.

    d) In special circumstances where the couriers deem it unsafe to remove the mattress from the property due to obstructions on the way out (or other similar scenarios), the couriers may refuse to collect the old mattress.

    e) The couriers will operate a two-man team when removing the mattress.

    f) The old mattress is recycled within a couple of days from collection, and once removed from your property, cannot be returned.

    g) The mattress needs to be in a good condition for the courier team to pick it up (unsoiled and dry).

    h) The mattress can be picked up from a safe place, but it needs to be dry, in a good condition and safe from elemental conditions.


  1. Delivery, General and Damage

    a) While delivering/collecting from your property, the drivers will operate with as much caution and attention as possible to carry out their job in a safe and efficient manner.

    b) If the drivers damage your property or home, it needs to be immediately reported to the couriers. However, if the damage is noticed after delivery has occurred, please contact OTTY ( 3202490) within 24 hours with pictures and evidence, so that the claim can be processed.

    c) The courier will carry an electronic PDA device (or a printed POD) which will require your signature at the point of delivery. The signature will usually include signing for the numbers of items highlighted on the PDA/POD.

    d) This signature is legal proof of receipt of the goods so if you think that the delivery is incomplete, you need to make the drivers aware at the point of delivery and make notes on the delivery. Failure to do so and signing the documents for all the items will complete our contract with you, providing all the items on the order have been signed for.

    e) For the above reasons, the recipient has to be over the age of 18. In special circumstances where the only possible option for delivery is to be received by a minor, we require prior notice in writing from the person ordering the goods, or we might refuse to deliver and charge redelivery costs.

    f) OTTY accept no liability for the conduct of the couriers used to complete the job.


  1. Order Processing Time  

Your order will be processed on the next working day following the day of order. 

  1. Delay Your Delivery Date

To select a delivery date in advance, simply place your order and speak to the customer service team via the online chat or over the phone. We will be able to delay it for you as far ahead as required. We can put the order on hold for as long as required and release them once you are ready for delivery.


  1. Changes of Delivery Details

    a) If you need to change your delivery details, simply contact customer service via the online chat or over the phone. (Please note that any changes to your delivery address may result in a change of your delivery date and will need to be sent to us by email.)

    b) If ordered via DivideBuy, the order needs to be amended directly through DivideBuy (T: 0800 085 0885, E:

    c) If you need to amend your delivery details the day before the scheduled delivery date, please note that the cut off time for these changes to be accepted and processed is 1PM on weekdays (Monday to Friday).


  1. Leaving Your Delivery in A Safe Place or With A Neighbour

We can leave the parcels with a neighbour or in a safe place, only after written permission and instruction from the email which is registered to the order. We will not be held responsible for the items being left safe sustaining damage or being lost, after instructions to leave them there.


  1. Deliveries When Purchased Using Credit

    a) Any orders placed on our website for which payment is done via finance, will need to be delivered to the billing address at which the credit application has been registered to. This is due to the Credit Company’s security checks. 

    b) If you have placed your order and want to change the delivery address, you can contact the finance company, which will request some information from you, following which will advise us whether it is OK to amend the address. Please note that our team will not be able to change the delivery address for you without prior agreement from the credit company.

    c) We can place the delivery on hold until the address is approved by the finance company, if you contact our customer service team first.