What Is The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers?

Firm or soft? Shoulder or Lower Back Pain? Right or Left? Discover Why an OTTY Mattress is particularly suited to sleeping on your side and the best tips for all you side sleepers! Our research covers a lot but the only way to really test this is to trial our mattress for 100 nights. You'll be pleased to know that back sleepers and stomach sleepers can enjoy an OTTY mattress too! 

Let's look at the facts!

• 74% sleep on their side compared with 16% preferring to sleep on their front and just 10% choosing to sleep on their back.

• Due to the position of the stomach and gastric juices, one should sleep on the left side rather than the right, which can cause heartburn.

• Sleeping on the left side improves circulation, stimulates the drainage of toxins and helps your brain filter out waste.

• Sleeping on your side gives stress to the shoulders so ideally those with shoulder pain and issues should use another position to sleep.

• Best mattress firmness for side sleepers should be medium-firm (OTTY's rating). This allows the best support and give for the shoulders.

• Medium-firm mattress for side sleepers may also alleviate lower back pain or those with hip pain.

Sleeping Through The Night For The First Time In Years

"It is firmer than I would have 'naturally' chosen in the past. I would agree with their 7/10 for firmness, it is not a 'hard' mattress but has some give, and is comfortable sleeping on my side (I am 82kg) I thought it worth persevering, and after a week, have got used to the feel. The amazing thing is though that I am now, for the first time in years, sleeping through the night - amazing! I'd also say that the delivery company are lovely - just what you'd hope for."

Michael, 10th August 2018

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