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Spring and Memory Foam Mattresses - 'The Hybrid'

We have created 4 market leading hybrid mattresses, composed of memory foam and pocket springs, to provide you with optimal comfort and support. 

What is a hybrid mattress?

In mattress terms, the word hybrid is used to describe a mattress that is made up of both springs and foam, two things that are most commonly used separately. By combining these materials together to create a hybrid, it means that you get the best of both worlds: the support of the spring and the comfort of the foam, via a spring mattress with memory foam top. 

All 4 of our mattresses here at OTTY are hybrid models and although they all have their differences, they all work to provide you with the support and comfort you need to sleep well and wake up with less aches and pains the next day. We recommend, for ideal support, that a mattress should be made up of at least half springs, with the rest as memory foam. Our ratio of spring to foam varies from 43%/57% in the Pure Plus, 64%/36% in both the Original and Pure, and 70%/30% in the Aura, which creates a great balance between support and comfort, compared to our competitors which more often than not, have less than 20% spring.
By choosing a hybrid over a spring or foam mattress, you can have the best of both worlds.

Key features of our four hybrid mattresses

Comfort and support

We have 4 top selling hybrid mattresses: the Original, the Aura,the Pure and the Pure Plus. All  4 models are designed with memory foam and springs, and are rated on a firmness scale between 6-7 out of 10.

Out of the 4, the Aura is the softest and the Original is the firmest, with the Pure placing itself in the middle. We have designed our mattresses with medical recommendations in mind, which are to sleep on a medium/firm mattress in order to alleviate back ache. This can also be achieved through encapsulated pocket springs, which our mattresses have, as explained below.

Sleeping With A Tosser?

All 4 spring and memory foam mattresses have motion transfer technology which works to minimise movement felt if sharing your bed with another person. This is achieved via our encapsulated pocket springs which are individually sewn and work independently from one another, unlike traditional mattresses which have coiled springs meshed together, meaning movement is not passed through the springs, like with a traditional mattress. Equally, the more springs in a mattress, the better - this is why we have a minimum of 1,000 springs, going up to 4,000.  

Temperature regulation technology

Additionally, all OTTY mattresses have temperature regulating memory foam which works to prevent you from overheating throughout the night. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, our foam contains perforations which allows for air to be released in order to prevent overheating. This works alongside infused cooling properties in our foam which makes overheating prevention more effective.

All 4 mattresses also contain hypoallergenic materials with the Pure range  taking this to the next level. The differences between each mattress are broken down in the next section

Differences between our 4 hybrid mattresses

The Original 

The clues in the name: the Original - this is where OTTY’s journey began. With 2,000 encapsulated pocket springs, high density support foam and temperature regulating memory foam, this memory foam spring mattress stands at 25cm high and measures at around 7/10 for firmness. 

The Aura

The Aura is made with the same technology as the Original, but with fewer springs at 1,000 and at a smaller height at 23cm. In doing this, we have been able to achieve an excellent mattress at a slightly lower price point, making it a price leading box mattress in the UK.

The Pure Range

Named the Pure for a reason: it has top quality natural ingredients. We take pride in saying that it is the first mattress of its kind in the UK to contain bamboo memory foam with charcoal infused layers. This mattress does everything the Original does and more! 

Like the Original, the Pure is a 2,000 pocket spring mattress with high density support foam and temperature regulating memory foam, standing at 25cm in height. This mattress measures slightly softer at 6.5/10 for firmness due to its memory foam embossed cover, which adds a layer of luxurious comfort, making us stand out from our competitors.

The bamboo and charcoal properties in the Pure mattress work together as a natural antibacterial agent, meaning that your mattress works to keep optimal cleanliness, fighting against natural germs such as fungus. Whilst regulating temperature, the charcoal works alongside the bamboo to eliminate odour and wick away moisture, enhancing its antibacterial properties. The bamboo also acts as a hypoallergenic material which means that it is highly recommended for people with asthma, allergies and sensitive skin. 

The Pure Plus

The Ultimate in luxurious mattresses and boasts 4000 pocket springs within its 7 layers of bamboo memory foam and charcoal memory foam. It's the tallest too standing at 28cm. Like the Pure the focus is on additional comfort and hygiene making it a little softer than the original.

What size mattresses are available?

All 4 mattresses are available in the following U.K. sizes: single, double, king and superking. The Original and Pure are also available in European sizes.

Single 90cmx190cm

EU Single 90cmx200cm

Double 135cmx190cm

EU Double 140cmx200cm

King 150cmx200cm

EU King 160cmx200cm

SuperKing 180cmx200cm

Emperor 200cmx200cm

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