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What Impact Does Sleeping on an Old Mattress Have on Your Health?

Sleep is incredibly important to our health, both mentally and physically, repairing us of stress relief, clearing our minds and keeping our brain and body refreshed. But, did you know you could be putting your precious 40 winks and your health at risk without even knowing it, simply by the mattress you’re kipping on?

We’ve taken a closer look to see just how an old mattress can affect our health wellbeing and why it’s important to replace your mattress every 7-10 years.


Back pain

One of the most obvious and well-known issues from an old mattress is its tendency to cause back pain. As old mattresses begin to wear out, they can start to sag in the middle, meaning that you could be sleeping in an awkward and uncomfortable position. This can have wider consequences, impacting your posture and causing you pain throughout your day. Making a switch to a level mattress that isn’t out of shape will help reduce the pain in your back and improve your sleeping patterns.



‘Losing sleep over it’ is a phrase many of us can relate to when there are hundreds of things playing on our minds and getting to us, but have you considered that some of it could be a result of not getting enough sleep? Sleep helps us keep stress at bay by halting the production of stress hormones - if we aren’t getting enough shuteye, our bodies will continue to produce stress hormones.

A study of 59 healthy men and women found that after spending 28 nights on a new mattress, their stress levels significantly decreased. They felt they were less nervous, restless and worried as a result of better sleep.

So, if you are suffering from stress, it could be time to have a think about getting a new mattress to help reduce your worries and improve your sleep cycle.


Sweaty sleep

Many of us can relate to horrible occasions when it’s just too hot to get to sleep during summer. But this can also happen at any time of the year as a result of the mattress you use. Overtime, older mattresses become compressed and prevent air circulating throughout. This means you quickly warm up during your precious sleep.

A new mattress will help improve airflow, keeping you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Our hybrid mattresses are specially designed to aid temperature regulation, with its airflow and unique Cool Blue Gel technology, helping you sleep better on those stuffy nights.



Over the course of its lifetime, a mattress will undoubtedly go through lot of heavy use. The bacteria in sweat, hair and mould can all build up in your mattress, potentially exposing you to germs, even if you have mattress covers and sheets. This could result in health issues such as itchy skin, breathing problems – particularly common with asthma sufferers - and could leave you exposed to dust mites, ultimately causing nasties such as sneezing, dry eyes and coughing.


Low libido

Another downside of an old mattress is the effects it could be having on your love life. Research has found that having a bad sleep as a result of a poor mattress will lower your libido and sex drive. If you’re finding that you just aren’t in the mood anymore, it could be because of what you’re laying down on. A new mattress could be the answer to any such bedroom woes save you spending money on oysters and chocolate.

You might have had your mattress for a while and you’re comfortable sleeping on it, but making a switch could be crucial in helping you get good healthy sleep, ensuring you feel much better and refreshed to tackle what the world throws at you.


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