Our lovely CEO with a cat charity donating our pet beds

Cats Bed in with OTTY

At OTTY, we’re huge believers of giving back to the community – a philosophy that has seen us provide a number of mattresses to community projects and charities across Great Britain.

More recently, we reached out to Yorkshire Cat Rescue, a local charity that saves the lives of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in Yorkshire and parts of Lancashire, offering a rehoming and fostering service to felines in need.

As huge pet fans, we felt as though we had to help out in any way we could, and after a discussion with the team at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, we decided to donate more than £1,200 worth of OTTY pet beds. While some of the beds will be given to the cats who are long-term residents at the rescue centre, many will be sent to the charity’s fosterers for mother cats and kittens, ensuring they receive the best rest while in potentially unfamiliar environments.

We’ve just received a number of pictures from Yorkshire Cat Rescue, and it’s safe to say that the cats are definitely “feline” fine on our pet beds!

Founder and owner at OTTY, Michal Szlas, said: “Yorkshire Cat Rescue undertakes fantastic work in and around Yorkshire, caring for vulnerable cats in the region. We hope that our contribution can make a difference and help improve the lives of these animals.

“We’re proud to be a Yorkshire company and we’re committed to giving back and making a positive difference in the region through supporting local charities.”

For more information on Yorkshire Cat Rescue, please visit: https://yorkshirecatrescue.org

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