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Buying a mattress can be a difficult process. Do you go for a pocket spring mattress? What are the benefits of a foam vs spring mattress? Do small pocket spring systems actually offer any support? We’ve pulled together a handy guide, which we hope can help you out when it comes to picking the best mattress and answer any questions you might have when it comes to a foam or spring mattress.

What is a pocket spring?

A pocket spring is a term that you’ll definitely come across on your search for a mattress, but you’ll probably end up asking yourself “what actually is a pocket spring?” and question how a pocket spring mattress is the best for you.

A pocket spring is an independently contained spring, which is housed within its own casing. Doing away with the traditional connected spring cores which were previously found in most mattresses, a pocket spring works both individually and with each other and contours to the shape of the human body. Because of this, the pocket spring allows the mattress to not only provide more support to the sleeper, but also hugely reduces the possibility of motion transfer.

Best spring mattress

A good pocket spring mattress should be one that has not only has a high spring count, but should have a good quality pocket spring, too.

A superior pocket spring should be of a height to perfectly support the sleeper. With this in mind, the OTTY includes 2,000 encapsulated pocket springs, all of which stand at 14cm tall – more than five times the height of some of our competitors. 

What about the foam?

It probably comes as no surprise that a mattress using poor quality foam will be negatively represented when it comes to quality. It’s likely to sag sink and retain heat, meaning you often sleep in a pool of your own sweat.

After time, a poor-quality foam will sag and sink. It will also retain heat, meaning you often sleep in a pool of your own sweat.

However, if the mattress includes foam of a better quality, it will allow air to be properly circulated throughout, meaning the foam mattress is able to regulate temperature much more efficiently. And with recent innovations allowing companies to create their own form of cooling gel – including our own cool blue gel-infused foam layer – a quality memory foam doesn’t need to come with questions about its performance in the cooling stakes.

Also, with the foam’s ability to aid support, it should be a must for any mattress configuration! 

Should I get a foam or spring mattress?

There’s often a debate regarding a foam vs spring mattress. But what is the best?

We can’t really endorse selecting a mattress that uses just foam or springs. By combining the two, you’re able to a better night’s sleep that offers optimum comfort and support.

While many in the current boxed mattress field are either solely foam or have small springs that we’re not sure has any effect on the sleeper, you have to question what benefits they are offering the sleeper. 

However, at OTTY, we have broken the mould, combining high-quality 14cm encapsulated pocket springs with technologically advanced foam, including our cool blue gel infused layer, with works together to truly maximise comfort and support.



Why choose a hybrid?

While we’ve had many customers who love the comfort provided by the combination, our quality springs have also proven beneficial for customers with a number of back and neck issues – including fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a serious issue affecting the bones and muscles. It’s a long term condition, which causes huge pain throughout the body, meaning sleep can be, and very often is, problematic.

With the OTTY, each sleeper gets the benefit of soothing memory foam and comforting springs, which helps to cradle your body as you nod off each night, proving advantageous for all those looking to get a great night’s sleep, night after night.

Why don’t you take the plunge and get in touch with our team this season? We know we’ll be able to give you an award-winning night’s sleep at the best price.

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