Seven Realities of Sharing a Bed with your Dog

Seven Realities of Sharing a Bed with your Dog

The dog: a loyal, loving companion who stays by our sides, sits in our laps and is all-round our best friend. Yes, our dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but we love them all the time just the way they are. Well, perhaps all the time may be a slight exaggeration.

If there’s one part of the day love for our hounds may waver, it’s when it’s time to hit the hay. Sleeping with your dog on the end of your bed might seem cute in the movies, but in reality, you will not be getting a sound night’s sleep!

Here are our top seven realities all dog owners will know when sharing a bed their snoozing pooch.

  1. Your bed becomes a playground

You’ll have seen what your playful pooch is like at the best of times, let alone when its dark and it has a bedsheet to dive in and out of. Expect your dog to do laps of the bedroom, think it’s a really cool idea to lick your face at 3am and dive on top of your every time you move a body part. Yes, your bed will become a dog’s house of fun.

  1. Drool, drool and more drool

This one will be more to do with what type of dog you have. If you own a Newfoundland, a Saint Bernard, a bulldog or a bloodhound, get ready for an onslaught of dribble. These breeds are renowned saliva machines, so watch out for that big pool of drool waiting for you on the other side of your pillow. Lovely.

  1. Say farewell to your pillow

There’s nothing better than nestling into your big fluffy pillow for a good night’s sleep With your pup in your bed with you, that’s all about to change. Your pillow will be dragged from underneath you before you even wake up, and as your head springs back up of the mattress, you’ll see your little doggie has taken it for its own.

  1. Worst. Snoring. EVER

And people say humans snore loud, my word! Get prepared for an orchestral-esque ensemble of throaty gargles that’ll shake your home to its core if your dog is in your bed come night time. It isn’t just a case of rolling it on its side either, whatever position you move them into the snoring with be rife. Our advice – get the earplugs at the ready.

  1. The toe nibbles

One minute you’re fast asleep, drifting delicately through the land of nod. The next, you’re being awakened by something, or someone, playfully chewing away on your toes. But it doesn’t end after that one time, this is a continuing cycle through the entire night, for the entire week, for the entire month and so on and so forth.

  1. Stuck in the middle with you

Everyone says romance is dead. Well, when you’re sharing a bed with your dog, this idea couldn’t be truer. Never again will you be able to get, ahem, up close and personal with your partner, as you’ll have a furry friend well and truly snuggled in between the two of you, spread-eagled out to its heart’s content. Which leads us perfectly on to…

  1. The serial spooner

The only thing you’ll be getting cosy with is your pup (and no, that isn’t some form of endearing nickname for your other half). Your dog will become the little spoon to your big spoon, as you sleep cuddled up together throughout the night. Be wary of a few stray legs in the night though as your pooch dreams it’s chasing after a rabbit.


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