Getting the Best Night's Sleep with our 100 Night otty sleep Trial

Getting the Best Night's Sleep with our 100 Night otty sleep Trial


On average, we spend a third of our lives in bed, so it really is important to get the best nights sleep possible. However, while many of us have an emotional attachment with what we sleep on, we know it can be a big commitment when you finally decide to replace and upgrade your mattress.

And with recent innovations and technologies driving the mattress industry, more and more consumers are turning to online bed-in-a-box retailers and are making purchases without physically testing the bed first.

“How can you get the best sleep without testing the mattress? It’s a huge risk!” we hear you cry – but it’s really not.

Yes, it’s true; our sleeping patterns are as unique as fingerprints and whether you’re a snoring side sleeper who prefers a soft mattress or a sleeping starfish who prefers a firmer one, we all have different regimes when it comes to getting our 40 winks – it even took Goldilocks three tries before she perfected it!

At OTTY, we really do understand this premise better than most, and ultimately, we want you to receive the best sleep possible. This is the reason for our 100 Night Trial.

Once you’ve purchased and OTTY, you have 100 nights to test it.If you love the mattress (we know you will!), then just keep enjoying the OTTY and carry on receiving a great night’s sleep! But if it’s not quite right for you, simply get in touch with our customer service team at who’ll arrange a free pickup and organise a refund – no fees, hidden charges or questions asked. It really couldn’t be easier!

All we ask is that you allow at least 28 days for the mattress to reach its full comfort levelsand for you to acclimatise to it. After all, it is completely different mattress to the one you’ve slept on for the past eight years!

We’ve popped a few FAQs below, which should hopefully answer any questions you have. However, if you have any other questions at all, chat to one of our online agents at They’re available until midnight every day.


But, what if I paid through finance?

It doesn’t matter – you’re still part of the 100-night trial and we’ll refund you any payments that have been made.

What is the beige cover for?

The beige sheet in the box is simply so we can collect your mattress cleanly and safely. It should be kept until your 100-night trial is completed. It is also useful for protecting your mattress during a house move or redecoration.

Does the mattress need to be in perfect condition?

At OTTY, we know you can’t trial a mattress if it’s still in its packaging, so we tell all our customers to use the mattress as they would if a 100-night trial wasn’t in place. We’ve done extensive testing of the mattress and have confidence in its durability.

All we ask is that the mattress is in “good condition” when returned. It should be fine, unless there are any rips or extensive damage.

What do you do with the returned mattress?

Depending on the condition of the mattress, the returned OTTY will be cleaned and maintained, before being recycled or sent to charities and local enterprises.

Which products are covered in the trial?

All new OTTY mattresses can be trialed for 100 nights, the pillows 

can be trialed for 30 nights.


I didn’t purchase directly through OTTY? Am I still eligible?

Of course you are! As long as you purchase an OTTY through us or one of our retailers, you’ll be eligible for the 100 night trial.

We know you’re unlikely to need the full 100 nights to decide whether your mattress is right, and while most customers love OTTY right away, some do take a little longer to adjust. This is why we’ve advise trialing the mattress for at least 28 days before making your decision.

Still unsure? Just check our TrustPilot account and see the amazing reviews for yourself.

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