Spring Size Comparison

A true Hybrid mattress is a combination of springs and memory foam. There are however, many types of springs, which differ in size, count and thickness, all of which affect their efficiency.

This page has been built to explain why the OTTY mattress uses the best springs for providing support in a mattress and how those springs compare to similar mattresses in the market.

OTTY Hybrid contains 2000* encapsulated pocket springs. They are 14cm tall and make up over 50% of the mattress. This means that the springs in the OTTY mattress provide more support and a cool night's sleep, than an equivalent product on the market.

*2000 in a King size mattress.

Comparison 1 Comparison 2 Comparison 3
Mattress 1

Mattress 1Mattress 1Mattress 1

Mattress 2

Mattress 2Mattress 2Mattress 2

How do our springs support you?

The OTTY springs are encapsulated in individual pockets, allowing them to move independently and provide better support and less motion transfer, than traditional springs.