How will my 100 nights sleep trial work?

As if life couldn’t get any better we offer you 100 nights sleep trial, yes we are that confident. Your statutory rights allow you to return any product purchased online to be returned within 14 days. We extended that to a 100 nights. We will accept the product back as long as it has not been damaged in any way. For more information about this, visit our slightly dull but informative T&Cs page.

Do you offer free delivery? and how long will it take to get my Otty

We deliver free to anywhere in the UK, even Ipswich, using UPS or another equally as good courier. The standard delivery time is next working day as longs you order before 3pm (GMT)

Can I schedule a delivery?

Yes, if you prefer to schedule a delivery date other than our standard next working day, you can select a specific date at checkout, hows that for service…

Do you offer saturday delivery

Yes, we offer a Saturday delivery for an extra fee of £30.00. You will be able to select this option at checkout.

Do I need to be at home for delivery?

The driver will require a signature on delivery and even though our mattress come flat air compressed they are still a bit to big to fit through your letter box, so someone will need to be home for delivery. Our courier will leave a card if you are not there, so you can select another day for delivery, pick up your Otty from your local depot, or ask the driver to leave the parcel in a safe location.

How big is the Otty box?

Glad you asked… The box in which Otty is delivered, is roughly 150 x 45 x 45cm, varying slightly depending on mattress size.

Remind me again... Why should I choose Otty?

Otty is a combination of Pocket Springs, Memory Foam, Standard Visco Foam and our special Cool Blue Gel. It is built to let air flow through and regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Everything about our mattress is just right and with this kind of spec it should be sold at close to £1000. We sell ours at just £399.99 (*Double price). No you are not dreaming but even we have to pinch ourselves some days.

How firm is the Otty Mattress?

On a scale of 1 to 10, we rate Otty at ‘Just Right’ which numerically sits at an 8.

Is the Otty mattress Hypo-allergenic?

Yes it sure is, which can only be good news for everyone.

Is the mattress ready for use straight away?

After unpacking, Otty will take at least 4 hours to fully rise. We recommend placing it in place as soon as you unpack it and leaving it there until the evening. You can sleep on it as soon as 4 hours after unpacking, but to fully rise and fill out, it may take up to 24 hours.

What sort of bed frame should I use?

Any solid frame will do. Doesn’t have to cost a fortune but needs to offer even support for the entire mattress. Any slatted base, flat platform or a divan will be fine.

Will the Otty mattress be good for my back?

While we are not promoting Otty as an orthopaedic mattress, it is a well known fact that firmer mattress offer better support for your spine and body, promoting the natural curvature of the spine and ensuring a comfortable sleeping habit. We do think the Otty mattress is ‘just right’ for your back, due to many customers telling us that it improved movement and eased their back pain.

What weight can the Otty mattress take?

Our mattresses are perfectly fine to use for 2 people of up to 18 stone (114kg) each. Although three in a bed can be fun we do recommend no more than 36 stone at one given time.

Can I clean my Otty mattress?

If it all gets a bit messy or you spilt hot chocolate everywhere then our cover is fully removable and washable. Simply unzip it all the way around and wash in low temperature.

Do I need to turn my Otty mattress?

Otty has been designed to be used with the Cool Blue Gel being on top. The layers have been positioned to offer maximum comfort, heat regulation and longevity of the mattress. It should not be used upside down. We do however recommend to turn it lengthways once a month for the first year, to increase the longevity of the mattress.

How does the 10 year guarantee work?

We guarantee our mattress to last up to 10 years, although ironically we always recommend you change it every 8 years. For specific details about our warranty,  once again visit our slightly dull but informative T&Cs page.

Will the mattress have that brand new out the bag smell?

Like anything new, the Otty mattress may have a sight odour when first opened. After all it was tightly sealed in a plastic wrap!  But don’t worry this will be gone in a day or two.  We recommend to leave the window open in the bedroom while Otty is raising for the first day or two, after which the smell will be gone. Some people love the smell and miss it when its gone.

Finally, how come you can be so competitive on price?

It is a good question, we do have a fantastic product and it’s cheaper than our competitors. This is due to our business ethos, which is to provide the best quality mattress to as many people as possible. This means we have gone through a rigorous R&D process to find the best materials and the best suppliers, at the most affordable prices, without sacrificing quality. We sell directly to the consumer, saving roughly 50% on the retailer margins right away, compared to your high street mattress store. We also try to keep our overheads low so our prices to you are the best possible.

After all that, all the savings are passed directly onto you.

Now I have read all these FAQs can I go and lay down?

Yes you deserve it.