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The Deluxe Pillow

When your head hits the pillow you should drift off into comfortable sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed, free of aches and pains. Sounds pretty simple, right? So why do most pillows do a terrible job? Too soft, and you’ll miss out on crucial neck support. Too hard, and you’ll be tossing and turning all night.

Luckily for you, we’ve solved it. The Deluxe Pillow uses the same technology you’ll find in an OTTY mattress. That means supportive memory foam to mould to your head and neck, and temperature regulating properties and airflow to keep you cool. You simply won’t have tried a pillow like it.

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Machine-Washable Covers

  • Cool Airflow

  • 3-Year Guarantee

It’s a Really Cool Pillow

What’s Inside A Deluxe Pillow?

Temperature-regulating Memory Foam

Supportive memory foam with cooling properties to regulate your temperature.

    Advantages Of A Deluxe Pillow


    No, it won’t hypnotise you. But it will help you sleep soundly if you suffer from annoying dust and skin allergies.

    Machine-Washable Covers

    As well as being super comfortable, our machine washable covers can be easily removed and washed at 40 degrees.

    Cool Airflow

    Our OTTY Airflow system allows the regulation of temperature to ensure you a great nights sleep.

    3-Year Guarantee

    Our 3 year guarantee, allows you to rest easy at night knowing you are covered by our extensive guarantee.

    The OTTY Mattress

     Why not treat yourself to a matching OTTY for your own bed