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Spring Mattress Support - Why Extra Inches Count In The Bedroom

We all know that inches count, especially when it comes with an enhanced performance… Before you get carried away, we are talking about our encapsulated pocket springs – all 2,000 of them!

Standing at 14cm, our springs really do tower over our competitors – some of which are just 2.5cm tall. “What does a 2.5cm spring offer?!”, we hear you shout. Well, not much – which is why we’ve pulled together this list on why it’s important to sleep on large, high-quality springs.



Every mattress needs a little a bit of bounce – after all, it helps to enhance the comfort and gives you a better night’s sleep. Our encapsulated springs have been selected because of their ability to perfectly work with our leading foam technology, allowing you to get a solid seven hours of cosy sleep night after night.



Take a moment to think about this one. What support can a tiny spring really offer when you’re starfishing on it. The results? You guessed it - not much at all!

After extensive research into spring technology and weight distribution, we realised that a 14cm encapsulated pocket spring would be best to perfectly cradle you throughout the night, while offering the perfect amount of support to aid your posture. Ultimate, the springs work hard to complement the foam technology and ensures our customers wake up pain and niggle free.

We’re always getting customers praising the OTTY’s level of support, with many saying it not only provides the best night’s sleep, but it also helps to alleviate back and neck issues too. And while we’re not medically tested, we have encountered a number of customers with serious injuries, such as sciatica and fibromyalgia, who have left amazing feedback, claiming the OTTY has helped give them a good sleep and ease their symptoms. Just check out some of the impressive claims below

Motion Transfer

Most of us have been there – the tiniest movement from your partner, child or pet in bed and boom! You’re spending the rest of the night trying to count sheep in the hope of getting a glimmer of sleep. But this worry is eliminated with the OTTY, thanks to our leading spring technology.

While our 2,000 pocket springs work collaboratively to offer support and comfort, the individual nature of the springs hugely reduces the amount of motion transfer meaning you won’t feel it if your partner is tossing and turning throughout the night.



Ok, so when memory foam technology was in its infancy, it was well noted that it slept very, very warm. However, as technology in the material has advanced, this is very rarely the case anymore, with most company’s utilising their own cooling technology and implementing it as part of their configuration – this is proven with our own temperature regulating gel-infused foam layer. 

“Where does the springs come into this?” Well, our springs actually act as a mattress air bellow, promoting fresh air circulation which not only keeping the mattress more hygienic, but complements the innovative foam technology by the mattress cooler throughout the night.


Extra Weight

Have you got a partner, child or dog who’s beginning to share your bed? Well, not to worry. Our springs will work like a dream for combined weights of up to 44st. This means the mattress is less likely to sag that a foam-only model, with the springs plumping the foam back up nightly, ensuring your sleep doesn’t become a problem as your mattress ages.


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