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What Sort of Bedside Table do you Need?

 Holding your alarm clock, a place to put your water and somewhere to stand a lamp – the bedside table will forever be an underrated piece of furniture.

Alongside your bed, mattress and wardrobe, your bedside table will go a long way to finishing the design and décor you’re aiming to achieve in your bedroom – it isn’t just a stand-alone furnishing that’s tucked away, but a continuous extension of your home’s interior style.

However, with so many different styles and types around, all ranging in price and materials, which is best?

To help you solve your bedside table predicament, we’ve taken a look at some key trends and styles when it comes to nightstands so you can find the best product to fit your bedroom décor.

The Basic


Designer: IKEA

Price: £9

Simple, minimalist and well-designed, the KNARREVIK from Swedish furniture giant IKEA is the perfect bedside table for someone who is looking for a ‘no frills’ décor style. The unit is small in size so can be neatly squeezed alongside a bed, and the two shelves offer ample room to hold anything from a few books, a lamp and an alarm clock. Being made from non-welded metal bars adds to the clean, minimal design look, making the KNARREVIK a stylishly budget option for your bedside table.

The Industrial Look

Name: LOCKER Metal Cloakroom Furniture

Designer: La Redoute

Price: From £115

LOCKER comes in variety of colours and sizes, and is the ideal feature piece for a modernist-inspired bedroom. The perforated metal doors give the impression of a mechanic’s workshop, but in fact this industrial-inspired look is currently a huge interior trend. This bedside table is far more practical than others on this list – you can opt for a two-drawer model or double-shelved unit, so there’s plenty of space to store your bits and bobs.

The Scandi-Inspired

Name: Brass Bulb Shelf

Designer: Frama

Price: £265

Okay, this might not technicallybe a bedside table, but it performs exactly the same job and fits in brilliantly with a Scandinavian décor style. It’s minimalist chic at its finest – a simple brass shelf with a built-in bulb, offering you a bedside light and a place to pop a glass of water. The naked bulb might be too much for some people, but placing it a bit higher up than your bed and mattress will give you a feature that provides ambient light and a stylish shelf.

The Opulent Design

Name:Black Mango 2-Drawers Bedside Table


Price: £209

If you’re looking for a charmingly crafted period piece, this is for you. Made out of mango wood with a matte black paint and nitrocellulose varnish, Versailles’ bedside table screams sophisticated 19th-century French boudoir. The two-drawer cabinet has a sizeable natural wood top, and the brass handles, keyholes and visible brushwork all add to antique aesthetic of the piece. At £209, it may be costly, but can you really put a price on sheer beauty and craftsmanship?

The Futuristic Furnishing

Name:Kartell Componibili 2 Tier Unit

Designer:Anna Castelli Ferrieri

Price: £77

More aligned with something you might see on the Millennium Falcon, this uber-cool bedside table comes in a huge range of colours and with two or three compartments. There isn’t a straight line in sight, with a smooth cylinder body made from ABS plastic making up the nightstand. Sliding doors hide the well-sized storage compartments, and you’ll find more than enough space for a lamp on top of the Componibili. It’s a futuristic feature fit for any modernist bedroom.

Don’t neglect your bedside table when fitting your boudoir out. Choose a nightstand that isn’t just stylish, but practical too, giving you a furnishing that both looks good and serves its purpose.

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