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How Sleep Apps can Help you get the Perfect Slumber


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How can apps help you sleep?

If you feel that you aren’t quite getting as much shuteye as you should, or that you’re still groggy and shattered in the morning, the solution could be in the palm of your hand.

In the age of technology, there are apps that can allow you to achieve your forty winks every night and monitor your sleeping patterns, whilst providing the perfect time to awake from your snooze.

We’ve taken a look and analysed some of the apps available for Apple and Android users, to help you get a sound night’s sleep.

Sleep Cycle
User rating: 5/5

Sleep Cycle works by using specialist patented technology, which tracks and evaluates your sleep patterns by using sound or vibration analysis. Once all this is compiled, the data is available to you in the shape of graphs and reports, providing you with a clear picture on your sleep cycles. The app uses this data to determine the optimal time for you to wake up by calculating when you’re in a light sleep phase, meaning that you’re less sleepy when it comes to rise and shine.

Sleep Genius
User rating: 4/5

Using neurosensory algorithms, similar to what NASA uses for astronauts, Sleep Genius works by creating sounds to help your brain through the complete sleep cycle. By doing this, your mind becomes prepared for sleep and allows you to snooze soundly until you’re woken at your body’s optimal time.

Relax Melodies
User rating: 5/5

As the name suggests, Relax Melodies works by combining over 100 relaxing sounds, melodies and guided meditations to help create a soothing soundscape to help you drift to sleep. The science behind it is that hearing natural sounds will help relax your body and mind, which will help you get to sleep.

Researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical Schoolinvestigated the connection between the body, brain and background noise, and discovered that natural noise brought about a greater state of relaxation, which aids sleep, while artificial sounds seemed to promote inward-focussed attention that can be linked to stress.

Good Morning Alarm Clock
User rating 5/5

Similar to Sleep Cycle, this app also monitors your movements to figure out what phase of sleep you’re in to provide a time for you to be woken up at. It focuses on determining the optimal time for you to be awake, by setting a morning alarm for a time when you’re in a state of light sleep, making it easier for you to get out of bed when the sun comes up. Each morning you’ll also receive a report on your sleep pattern to highlight how you’ve been sleeping and tips on improving your sleep quality.

User rating: 4.5/5

Digipill works by using language and sound which engages and activates the mind to help you get to a state of slumber. It offers these meditations in the shape of ‘digital pills’ which are 30-minute audio clips of treatments to help you nod off. Healthline recommends that people with health issues that affect sleep, such as anxiety and insomnia, should give it a go, with the digital pills offering an alternative to prescribed sleep medication, to give a natural snooze.

If you are struggling with sleep, you may find that using these apps you’ll feel more energetic, revitalised and refreshed. Why not give one a go and see what difference they can make?

What ever app you choose to help you sleep, make sure you have the best mattress possible to keep you asleep!

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