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It is estimated that 40% of the population suffer from sleep issues and many do not get the support that they need. Adequate sleep is so important, so we support The Sleep Manifesto The Manifesto states that if we do not get adequate sleep, our physical and mental health can be adversely affected. It also urges the Government to recognise and act on the importance of sleep as a part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Sleep disturbances can be frustrating, so as part of National Bed Month in March we decided to investigate it can affect romantic relationships, questioning experts to gather more insight and recommending what to look for when you purchase your next mattress if reducing motion transfer is important to you. Read on to find out more…

Disturbed sleep solutions

Sleep issues, such as disturbed sleep can become a major instigator of relationships breaking down, as trouble sleeping can easily cause people to get irritated with their partner, which can cause ongoing arguments and rows.

Want to know how to get the best sleep if this is an issue? Well, when it comes to what to look for when you purchase your next mattress if reducing motion transfer is important to you, our award-winning hybrid mattress offers an unrivalled spring size which provides a medium-firm firmness rating, maximising support offered while minimising motion transfer, which is perfect for those sharing a bed with a tosser.

Leading to relief for both yourself and your bed-sharing partner, hybrid mattresses use a combination of springs and foam to create both support from the pocket springs and comfort from the foam. The top layer combines temperature regulating memory foam, keeping you at the optimum temperature in the depths of winter or on a sultry summer night.

Our Original Hybrid mattress contains up to 56% spring to 44% foam, we know the OTTY will give you the best support and comfort, helping those with ailments or health issues. Our 14cm pocket springs help to provide maximum airflow, dissipating excess heat and regulating your temperature. This eliminates the likelihood of overheating, which is common with traditional memory foam products.


OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress Prices*:

*Based on Spring sale prices, so may vary

  • Single - £299.99 / EU Single = £324.99
  • Small double - £349.99
  • Double - £399.99 / EU Double - £449.99
  • King-size - £499.99 / EU King - £549.99
  • Super King - £599.99
  • Emperor - £649.99


Our customer reviews speak for themselves – we are rated Excellent on Trustpilot, with more than 5,000 reviews:

 “I've now had this mattress for about 9 months, and it has helped my sleep improve noticeably. As soon as I get into bed, I'm immediately comfortable. I really notice the difference from my last mattress - the Otty mattress feels luxurious. I used to be happy staying overnight with work in a certain hotel chain because I always thought their beds were the most comfortable I could sleep on. Now I've even reduced the amount of nights I spend away from home because I haven't found a mattress that can give me a better night's sleep and comfort than the Otty one. So happy I chose it.”

“We like the mattress so much (and the pillow), I find it really comfortable and my sleep quality has improved significantly”

“We ordered the Hybrid mattress in the sale over Christmas... We have now had the mattress for 3 months and we love it. It is quite firm and very supportive. We had both previously struggled with back-pain, but this has improved greatly now. This mattress is very comfortable if you like a firm mattress. We also purchased the pillows which are very comfortable and have helped to relieve my neck pain. We would definitely recommend this company and their mattress and pillows to anyone.”

Expert relationship advice

We also questioned experts Karin Peeters, Coach & Psychotherapist at Inner Pilgrim, and Dennie Smith from Old Style Dating, to further discuss the impact disturbed sleep can have on romantic relationships.

Karin advised that “if our partner snores or moves a lot in their sleep, it can cause the other to wish to take their distance. This can be physically, by sleeping in another bed, with all the consequences for our intimacy together. But the withdrawing can also take place emotionally. What might be contributing to keeping us awake are our own thoughts and feelings. We might be angry for the disturbance to our sleep, because we think they should be able to change their ways for us. Our mind might start thinking ‘why don't you try this-that-and-the-other to stop the snoring or the movement’, and when no improvement occurs, we take it personally. We feel hurt or unimportant, thinking ‘he/she would try harder if he/she'd really loved me’.

Dennie commented that “sleeping problems can have a huge effect on a healthy relationship. For example, when people are tired and sleep deprived, they are irritable. This means they turn their frustrations on their partner, and this can build up over time so that something trivial suddenly becomes something much more fundamental. Continual broken sleep is bound to cause friction between couples.

Karin also mentioned that “our partner can feel hurt by our judgement of something they feel is out of their influence to change. They might feel they are failing their partner in some way, by not being good enough or not living up to their expectations. When these emotional triggers take place, the relationship comes under strain. It's no longer just about the snoring or lack of sleep. It has become emotional. Those dealing with these issues should be open, and need to talk about the feelings underneath, the sense of ‘being unimportant or else they'd try harder to let me sleep’ and for the partner that sense of ‘I am never good enough in your eyes, I always do something wrong’. When we openly discuss this, and find ways to reassure each other, huge growth takes place in the relationship. The partner might still snore or move, but as we are emotionally at peace and feeling much more connected together, we might actually find ourselves having a good night's sleep!”.

Dennie also covered the intimacy aspect and stated that “in any relationship a physical intimacy is important. Being tired out and exhausted is one of the first reasons that sex goes out the window. This often leads to an imbalance in the relationship. Feeling rested and refreshed can also lead to feeling amorous and loving and ready for a little intimate exercise. When a partner feels rejected, stress levels rise”.

We hope the advice in the article helps with any disturbed sleep issues you may be experiencing. For more information about our hybrid mattresses, check out https://otty.com/products/the-otty-hybrid-mattress


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