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New Year’s Resolution Ideas – New Year Goals – Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss

 New Year, new you – ok, even I cringed when I typed that, but it’s so true! There’s no better way to start 2019 with a host of New Year goals. 

According to, 63% of people set new year’s resolutions, with 80% of all new year’s resolutions being broken within three months. We agree, it’s quite a high number and to try and reduce that number quite significantly, we think we might just have the answer to all your resolution breaking-based problems!

We’ve picked 2018’s five most common new year’s resolutions, and have supplied you with some crafty tips on how a mattress can help you smash your targets.


  • Eating Healthier – 37%

According to the poll, more people wanted to eat healthier and lose a little bit of weight. Well, did you know a good night’s sleep can contribute to this? …No? Well, you do now!

There’s a long-held association between sleep deprivation and excessive eating and weight gain, and while most of the latest new year diets tend to work, sleep can help your new year weight loss programme by stabilising your metabolism. 

When tired, you should think of your brain as an 18-year old who has had a couple too many. Its decision-making process is affected, which obviously leads to many bad mistakes (we’ve all been there!) So, when you’re overtired, your brain craves something that feels good – and it’s often junk food!

Moral of the story? More sleep will implore your brain to eat healthier.


  • Getting more exercise – 37%

Again, a resolution we’re all guilty of adding to our new year’s resolution list, and it’s simple to see why a sleep can help with this. A good night’s kip will rejuvenate the body, repair muscles and refresh the brain after a hard day. 

Not only that, but it will recoup and replenish energy levels from the day previous. This means a good night’s sleep will give you enough oomph to visit the gym after (or before for all you hard nuts) a tough day at work, helping you smash your new year’s resolution in style.

Take this testimonial for example. One of our customers, Gavin Watson, wrote this in March 2018, highlighting the benefits an OTTY mattress has on energy levels:

Gavin Watson: “Recently bought my OTTY mattress after a couple of months of debate which I now regret waiting so long to buy it. Since buying my OTTY mattress I actually feel like I've slept properly for the first time whereas before my body would feel like it’s not been rested often having a dull ache, since using the OTTY mattress I have plenty more energy in the morning and my body feels rested and ready for a new day even with a 4.30am alarm for the early shift at work. This mattress has not only helped my body feel better but put me in a happier mood.”


  • Save (more) money – 37%

We all want to do this. Whether it’s saving a little bit of money for a family holiday or if you’re saving up for that dream wedding, there’s no reason to you should save uncomfortably! The OTTY is priced at up to £200 less than its competitors, meaning you can get an award-winning sleep at an industry leading price point.

And with a 12-month 0% APR, you can split your payments over the course of a full year, and make purchasing the OTTY more manageable.


  • Focus on self-care (e.g get more sleep) – 24%

According to statistics, 30% of the UK population are tired, and you owe it to yourself to replenish your energy levels and get a better night’s sleep.

To most people, getting a bad night’s sleep just means makes you a little tired the next day, but it’s important to understand all the negative affects it has on the body – especially the problems it can cause on stress levels.

A lack of sleep can lead to an imbalance of cortisol – the stress hormone. Of course, stress and sleep is a bit of a chain reaction, with stress being proven to come as a result of a bad night’s sleep, while stress also being one of the main causes of a naff sleep. 

And according to research led by Oklahoma State University, one way to help combat increasing levels of stress is by sleeping on a new, comforting mattress (apologies for the dull research incoming…). 

A study conducted by Oklahoma State University in 2009 saw 59 healthy adults (30 women and 29 men) sleep for 28 nights on their current worn mattress, before sleeping for the same amount of time on a new medium-firm mattress. The subjects were monitored throughout, with a huge focus on stress. Results proved that stress levels significantly decreased following the four week-long test, with participants feeling less worried, less nervous and less restless as result of a better sleep. 


  • Read more – 18 %

We’re not going to delve into this one too much, because it’s all a little bit obvious. Reading a good book is known to lower stress levels by 68%, which is why it’s a good pre-sleep activity. The lowering of stress levels will help to aid the amount of good and restless sleep you get per night – and what better place to read than in your comfy new OTTY mattress ;)


The top of your new year goals should be picking up a new mattress, which in turn will help to improve your sleep and help you proactively complete the rest of your resolution’s list. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for special post-Christmas discounts, which will help you get a better night’s sleep in 2019.


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