Curtains vs blinds: Getting pitch-black perfection for a good night’s sleep

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We’ve all been there – 6am comes around, the shimmers of light start coming through your window and bang, you’re wide awake. Having a good blocker of light is key to not only getting a good night’s sleep, but it’s also essential in creating the perfect interior style for your bedroom.

But what keeps the light out best and what will look good in your bedroom – curtains or blinds?

Offering a helping hand, we’ve taken a look at each of these light stoppers to give you a better idea of which is best for your bedroom.

The advantages of having blinds in the bedroom

Perhaps the choice for a modernist décor, having blinds in your bedroom can be an effective way to tick both the style and complete darkness boxes. Have a read of these pro-blinds point before making any decision:

A host of different styles

The great thing about blinds in the bedroom is that there are more variations than you can shake a stick at. You’ve got a choice of roman, roller, venetian, vertical, wooden and made to measure blinds, so finding the perfect style to fit your bedroom décor really isn’t an arduous task. Plus, all of these options come with different slat sizes.

For a pitch-black night, opt for a blackout roller blind – the ultimate in both style and practicality. Made from foam-backed, opaque fabric, this type of blind will literally stop any form of daylight from entering your bedroom so you don’t have to worry about the sunshine waking you up. It’s the perfect addition for a shift worker’s bedroom, or for a nursery.

Give the impression of size

With bedroom blinds, you’ll usually find that you’ll have them fitted within the bay of your window, as close to the glass as possible. This will open up the space more as you won’t have any hanging curtains or a long curtain pole, which can give the impression of space thanks to not having unnecessary furnishings.

You can also fix your blind up above your window bay close towards the ceiling, allowing it to cover your entire window, this will give a minimalist interior feel and make your room seem much higher – especially when your blinds aren’t down.

Function and practicality

On top of giving you that minimalist look and there being so many variations for you to use, blinds have great functionality.

For example, with a quick twist of a cord on your Venetian or vertical blinds, you can control the amount of light which comes into your bedroom and gives you that added sense of privacy without having to have them completly shut. Although when you’re sleeping, you’ll be wanting total darkness, thinking of the daytime practicalities is key in the battle of curtains vs blinds too.

The advantages of having curtains in the bedroom

The classic choice for the bedroom, a pair of curtains can really make a room – both in helping you get a good night’s sleep and having a stylish boudoir. Here are a few of the top pros:

Make them a feature of your room

Unlike blinds, having curtains in your bedroom opens the opportunity to turn your light-stoppers into the focal point of the room. Just like you’d choose on-trend carpet for the floor, or some jazzy paper to don the walls, patterned or coloured curtains can turn a dull room into a stylish one. You want something that looks good and works well – you’ll get that from a pair of curtains.

Opting for energy-efficient models

It might seem ridiculous to think that your curtains can be energy efficient, but there’s method in the madness. If you choose a luxuriously thick pair of curtains, you’ll be helping to keep and preserve heat within your bedroom, something key for the winter months. Your windows are the biggest bane for sucking warm air from your bedroom, so having that protective layer of curtains can make all the difference between a cosy sleep and one spent shivering away.

Full length darkness

This is where curtains in the bedroom come into their own. If you’ve got a long window in your bedroom, the chances are a blind will not be the best fit. Light may creep through the cracks between each fixture and you won’t get that desired pitch-black darkness you crave.

With a curtain though, this won’t be an issue. Not only will you be able to get made to measure fittings – you can with blinds too, but a seriously long blind would just look silly, wouldn’t it? – to ensure no light gets through, but also you can have your curtains running the entire height of your wall too.

So, curtains vs blinds: which wins?

Not to sit on the fence (we blatantly are) but choosing between curtains and blinds is purely down to personal preference. Both fixtures come with blackout variations which will cast your bedroom into total darkness when bedtime rolls around, so it’s about which will fit into your bedroom’s décor best. A traditional bedroom may warrant a pair of curtains, whereas a modernist room could best suit a blind.


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