Mattresses and Sleep

Bed in a Box – Out of the twenty-four hours available to every human being in a day, eight or more should be spent sleeping. That means that averagely one spends up to a third of their day sleeping, which translates to roughly one-third of an individual’s entire lifetime.

Given these statistics, it is therefore true to say that planning to sleep is as important as any other human undertaking – or so it should be.

This should involve deciding on the kind of mattress to sleep on! This is because mattresses do influence how you’ll sleep – if at all – to a large extent.

A good mattress and a good night’s sleep

In a 2011 US national poll, the National Sleep Foundation sought to find out how much a comfortable mattress is important for a good night’s sleep. They reported 92 percent of those surveyed as saying that a comfortable mattress is indeed important for a good night’s sleep.

Scientists have made various discoveries that make a good night’s sleep important. They have found that sleep plays a critical role in body metabolism, memory, learning and boosting the immune system. The more reason for you to invest in a comfortable mattress.

But just how does a mattress affect your sleep?

A new mattress leads to a significant reduction in stress levels.

In a 2009 survey, a group of 59 healthy men and women, who were allowed to sleep on old mattresses for 28 days and on new mattresses for another 28 days, reported reduced stress upon sleeping o the new mattresses. Researchers attributed this finding to the possible increase in sleep due to the firmer, more stable new mattresses.

A new mattress relieves from the allergic effects of an old mattress.

An old mattress is a sure host dust mites, which feed on the dead skin cells that you shed naturally. In the US for instance, up to 20 million people are reported to be allergic to dust mites. It may not be enough to clean the bed sheets and pillows in hot water. Replacing the mattress is the guarantee of a good night’s sleep, devoid of allergy problems.

A new mattress reduces tossing and turning.

Most of your nights, you cannot stop tossing and turning. Is this your predicament? If this becomes more frequent, then it is time you replaced your mattress! This could stop the habit and guarantee more regular sleep.

Bed in a box

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